Microregion is a designation for territorial entities.


* Microregion (Brazil)

Klaus Roth and Ulf Brunnbauer

A microregion is a geographic region of a size between that of a community and that of a district.p. 18, "What's in a Region? Southeast European Regions Between Globalization, EU-Integration and Marginalization", Klaus Roth, pp. 17 ff. in ''Region, Regional Identity and Regionalism in Southeastern Europe'', part I, Klaus Roth and Ulf Brunnbauer, eds., ''Ethnologia Balkanica'' 11 (2007), LIT Verlag, Münster, .

See also

* Macroregion * Mesoregion (geography), Mesoregion * Microdistrict, Soviet and Central European urban housing schemes * :Microregions of the Czech Republic


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