The Basketball League (TBL), formerly North America Premier Basketball (NAPB), is a minor league basketball organization. The league began operating in North America in 2018 with eight teams, and expanded to over 30 teams as of 2021. The Basketball League is one of the few minor league basketball organizations providing player salaries from $1,500 to $6,500 per month, while teams operate on a budget of $125,000 to $250,000 per season.


On July 7, 2017, Dr. Sev Hrywnak and Dave Magley announced the formation of a new professional basketball league. Magley previously served as commissioner for the National Basketball League of Canada (NBLC). Dr. Sev Hrywnak was the owner of the Rochester Razorsharks. Teams are based throughout the United States and Western Canada. Over the course of two years, the league administration located cities that formerly hosted basketball teams in the defunct Continental Basketball Association, the Premier Basketball League, defunct NBA teams and other potential sports markets. The purpose of the league is to provide opportunities for community involvement particularly schools from the elementary to high school levels. Programs include players reading to younger children, hosting basketball camps for teens, and speaking in school-wide assemblies about substance abuse and staying in school. The league launched its inaugural 2018 season with eight teams: the Albany Patroons, Kansas City Tornados, Kentucky Thoroughbreds, Nevada Desert Dogs, Ohio Cardinals, Rochester Razorsharks, Vancouver Knights, and the Yakima SunKings. The Ohio Cardinals were replaced mid-season by the Ohio Bootleggers, a team operated by the former ownership of the Vancouver Knights. On February 25, 2018, Dave Magley stated that there were four more approved franchises in Bellevue, Washington, Raleigh, North Carolina, Tampa, Florida, and San Diego, California, with the goal of 16 total well-funded teams, for a 2019 season. After the first NAPB season, Magley acquired the league as sole owner, moved the headquarters to Indiana, and named Evelyn Magley—his wife—as the new CEO. On July 14, the league was re-branded as The Basketball League (TBL). Paul Mokeski, head coach and general manager of the Nevada Desert Dogs during the inaugural season, was then named commissioner of the league for the 2019 season. During the league changes, the Ohio Bootleggers, Rochester Razorsharks, and Vancouver Knights folded while the Bellevue team never came to fruition. The league then added the existing teams, the Jamestown Jackals and New York Court Kings, in addition to the three previously announced expansion teams, the Raleigh Firebirds, San Diego Waves, and Tampa Bay Titans. Three teams also slightly re-branded with the Kansas City Tornadoes, Mesquite Desert Dogs, and Owensboro Thoroughbreds. The 2019 season commenced with ten teams. During the second season, there were many canceled and rescheduled games. The league cut its season short, with the New York Court Kings and Kansas City Tornadoes either folding or ceasing operations for the season. Prior to the third season, the league added the Columbus Condors, Dayton Flight, Dallas Skyline, Gulf Coast Lions, Indy Express, Lewisville Yellow Jackets, and the Tri-State Admirals as expansion teams. The San Diego Waves were replaced by expansion San Diego Armada while the Waves were being relocated, but neither team would make the 2020 schedule. Due to the lack of other western teams, the Yakima SunKings and the Mesquite Desert Dogs suspended operations. The third season started in January 2020, but on March 11, 2020, the league announced the season would end prematurely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and have a four-team playoff on March 18 through 22. However, the tournament was also cancelled as most events throughout the country were closed to prevent the spread of the virus. The league then proceeded to announce several new teams for the 2021 season, expanding from 12 teams in the curtailed 2020 season to 35 teams by January 11, 2021. Several of the added teams came from the semi-professional American Basketball Association. In March, several teams began opting out of the season due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions.


2021 teams

As listed at the league's standings on April 8, 2021:

Future teams

Former teams

Team timeline

Current teams in tan
Former teams in dark tan
Announced future teams in green
DateFormat = mm/dd/yyyy ImageSize = width:900 height:auto barincrement:25 Period = from:01/01/2018 till:01/01/2023 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal PlotArea = right:140 left:23 bottom:27 top:0 Colors = id:barcolor value:rgb(0.99,0.7,0.7) id:line value:black id:bg value:white PlotData= width:20 textcolor:black shift:(5,-5) anchor:from fontsize:s bar:1 color:tan2 from:01/01/2018 till:01/01/2021 text:Albany Patroons (2018–2020) bar:1 color:limegreen from:01/01/2022 till:end text: bar:2 color:tan2 from:01/01/2018 till:07/01/2019 text:Kansas City Tornadoes (2018–2019) bar:3 color:tan1 from:01/01/2018 till:end text:Kentucky/Owensboro Thoroughbreds (2018–present) bar:4 color:tan2 from:01/01/2018 till:07/01/2019 text:Nevada/Mesquite Desert Dogs (2018–2019) bar:5 color:tan2 from:01/01/2018 till:03/27/2018 text:Ohio Cardinals (2018) bar:6 color:tan2 from:01/01/2018 till: 07/01/2018 text:Rochester Razorsharks (2018) bar:7 color:tan2 from:01/01/2018 till:07/01/2018 text:Vancouver Knights (2018) bar:8 color:tan2 from:01/01/2018 till:07/01/2019 text:Yakima SunKings (2018–2019) bar:9 color:tan2 from:03/27/2018 till:07/01/2018 text:Ohio Bootleggers (2018) bar:9 color:tan1 from:01/01/2020 till:end text:Columbus Condors (2020) bar:10 color:tan1 from:01/01/2019 till:end text:Jamestown Jackals (2019–present) bar:11 color:tan2 from:01/01/2019 till:04/08/2019 text:New York Court Kings (2019) bar:12 color:tan1 from:01/01/2019 till:end text:Raleigh Firebirds (2019–present) bar:13 color:tan2 from:01/01/2019 till:07/01/2019 text:San Diego Waves (2019) bar:14 color:tan1 from:01/01/2019 till:end text:Tampa Bay Titans (2019–present) bar:15 color:tan1 from:01/01/2020 till:end text:Dallas Skyline (2020–present) bar:16 color:tan1 from:01/01/2020 till:end text:Dayton Flight (2020–present) bar:17 color:tan1 from:01/01/2020 till:end text:Gulf Coast Lions (2020–present) bar:18 color:tan1 from:01/01/2020 till:end text:Indy Express (2020–present) bar:19 color:tan1 from:01/01/2020 till:end text:Lewisville Yellow Jackets/Leopards (2020–present) bar:20 color:tan1 from:01/01/2020 till:end text:Tri-State Admirals (2020–present) bar:21 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text:Atlanta Empire (2021–present) bar:22 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text: California Sea-Kings (2021–present) bar:23 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text: Carolina Coyotes (2021–present) bar:24 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text:Detroit Hustle (2021–present) bar:25 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text:Enid Outlaws (2021–present) bar:26 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text:Flint United (2021–present) bar:27 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text:Houston Push (2021–present) bar:28 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text:Kokomo BobKats (2021–present) bar:29 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text:Little Rock Lightning (2021–present) bar:30 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text: Midtown Prestige (2021–present) bar:31 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text: Omaha's Finest (2021–present) bar:32 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text:San Diego Guardians (2021–present) bar:33 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text:Shreveport Mavericks (2021–present) bar:34 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text:South Shore Monarchs (2021–present) bar:35 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text:Syracuse Stallions (2021–present) bar:36 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text:Vegas Ballers (2021–present) bar:37 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text:Waco Royals (2021–present) bar:38 color:tan1 from:01/01/2021 till:end text: West Coast Breeze (2021–present) bar:39 color:limegreen from:01/01/2022 till:end text: Avon Aces (2022) bar:40 color:limegreen from:01/01/2022 till:end text: Lansing Pharoahs (2022) bar:41 color:limegreen from:01/01/2022 till:end text: Portland Storm (2022) bar:42 color:limegreen from:01/01/2022 till:end text: Reading Rebels (2022) bar:43 color:limegreen from:01/01/2022 till:end text: Salem Capitals (2022) bar:44 color:limegreen from:01/01/2022 till:end text: Temecula Eagles (2022) ScaleMajor = gridcolor:line unit:year increment:1 start:2018


'' Shortened season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Indy Express had the best overall record at the time of cancellation.''


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