"Stoney End" is a song written by Laura Nyro and first released in February 1967 on her debut album ''More Than a New Discovery''. According to childhood friend Alan Merrill, Nyro originally intended the song, a gospel-inflected uptempo piece, to be performed at a slower pace. The best known version of the song was a hit for Barbra Streisand in 1970. Streisand recorded "Stoney End" as the title track of her twelfth studio album. The song was suggested to Streisand by record producer Richard Perry. Members of the group Fanny provided backing vocals. The song reached number six on the US ''Billboard'' Hot 100 in early 1971 and became Streisand's second Top 10 hit. It also reached number two on the US Adult Contemporary chart. In Canada it peaked at number five.

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* The Stone Poneys, which featured Linda Ronstadt, recorded a moderated version of "Stoney End" for their album ''Linda Ronstadt, Stone Poneys and Friends, Vol. III'' in 1968. * Stoney End was also recorded in 1968 by Peggy Lipton. Her recording reached #121 on the U.S. ''Billboard'' Bubbling Under the Hot 100 chart. * The Blossoms, who sang backing vocals on Peggy Lipton's version, recorded the song as the B-side of their single release, "Wonderful" in 1969. * "Stoney End" had previously been performed by The Chicks. It charted in New Zealand, reaching number 21 in January 1970. * "Stoney End" has also been recorded by Diana Ross, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Maynard Ferguson, Judy Kuhn.


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