St Mark Coptic Orthodox Church ( Coptic: //
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es that was established in North America.Dates of Incorporations of Coptic Orthodox Churches in North America
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It is one of over 200 Coptic Orthodox Churches in the US.

History of the Church

St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church in Englewood, Colorado was founded as one of the first four Coptic Orthodox Church parishes in the United States and was incorporated in December 1971, with about 50 families at the time.Church Data as of 2006
/ref> As Pope Shenouda III was enthroned as the Coptic Pope on November 14 of that same year, this was the first Coptic church that was founded under the papacy of Pope Shenouda, who died 17 March 2012. Pope Cyril VI, Shenouda's predecessor, founded the first four churches in North America. The first two parishes that were established in the US specifically were St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church (Jersey City, New Jersey), St. Mark's Church in Jersey City and St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church (Los Angeles), St. Mark's Church in Los Angeles. The late Bishoy Kamel, Father Bishoy Kamel, who is widely known as a prominent Copt in the modern era, helped found the church in Denver during its early years.The life of Fr. Bishoy Kamel
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As a matter of fact, Fr. Bishoy Kamel helped found St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church (Los Angeles), St. Mark's Church in LA, as well as several other parishes and buildings throughout Egypt, the United States, Europe and Australia. The current building was consecrated in October 1989 by Pope Shenouda on his second visit (the first one being in 1977), the same year where the Pope visited every Coptic parish in the US and Canada. The church was served by more than one temporary priest over the years. Fr. Angelos Habib Boghdadi served the parish in its early years, as well as several other Coptic Churches throughout the States over many years. Fr. Boghdadi, however, is currently the priest of St. George Church in Tampa, Florida. There were several priests afterwards until Fr. Yacob Soliman eventually became permanent priest in 2004, a position of which he holds as the incubant. At this point, St. Mark's Church remains as the only Coptic church in Colorado.Coptic Orthodox Churches in Colorado
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There are currently more than 100 Coptic families served by St. Mark's Church.

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