{{Infobox UNESCO World Heritage Site | WHS = | image = Tarragona.Pretorio.jpg | image_upright = 1.2 | caption = Pretorian Tower, the entrance of the Provincial Forum | location = Tarragona, Spain | part_of = Archaeological Ensemble of Tárraco | criteria = {{UNESCO WHS type|(ii), (iii)(ii), (iii) | ID = 875-003 | coordinates = {{coord|41|7|5|N|1|15|21|E|format=dms|display=title,inline | year = 2000 | area = {{convert|5.85|ha|sqmi|abbr=on | locmapin = Catalonia | map_caption = The provincial forum of Tarraco is a Roman archaeological site in Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain, encompassing an area of 18 ha. Together with other Roman remains in the city makes the Archaeological Ensemble of Tarraco, which was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2000. It was built starting from 73 AD, by order of Emperor Vespasian, and remained in use until the 5th century. The worship area is now occupied by the Cathedral and other edifices.


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