Primo may refer to:


DJ Premier
DJ Premier
(born 1966), hip-hop producer, sometimes goes by nickname Primo * Primo Carnera (1906–1967), Italian boxer, World Heavyweight champion 1933–1934 * Primo Cassarino (born 1956), enforcer for the Gambino crime family * Primo Colón (born 1982), ring name of professional wrestler Eddie Colón, multiple tag team champion in the WWE * Primo Conti (1900–1988), Italian Futurist artist *Primo Levi (1919–1987), Jewish Italian chemist, Holocaust survivor, and author *Primo Miller (1915–1999), American football player *Primo Riccitelli (1880–1941), Italian composer *Primo Zamparini (born 1939), Italian bantamweight Olympic and professional boxer *Primo Brown (1976–2016), Italian rapper *Primož Brezec (born 1979), Slovenian professional basketball player *Al Primo (born 1938), television news executive credited with creating the ''Eyewitness News'' format *Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos (1760–1808), New Spain lawyer and politician *The Italian name of Primus and Felician, Saint Primus

Places in Italy

*Casorate Primo, a municipality in the Province of Pavia in Lombardy *Castano Primo, a municipality in the Province of Milan in Lombardy *Masciago Primo, a municipality in the Province of Varese in Lombardy *Palasport Primo Carnera, an indoor sporting arena in Udine

Art, music, and literature

* Primo, sitting on the right side of the secondo in music for piano four hands *Primo (film), ''Primo'' (film), a 2005 film of Antony Sher's play of the same title, adapted from Primo Levi's Holocaust memoir ''If This Is a Man'' *''Cousin Bazilio, O Primo Basílio'', an 1878 novel by Portuguese author José Maria Eça de Queiroz *''Riccardo Primo'', a 1727 opera in three acts by George Frideric Handel *An alternate term for the List of Caribbean drums, subidor, a drum used in the music of Puerto Rico *Primo (album), ''Primo'' (album), an album released in 1990 by Rifle Sport on Ruthless Records * ''Primo'', a 1991 album by Dr. Feelgood (band), Dr. Feelgood *Primo (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's), a character in ''Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's''

Business and industry

*Primo Brewing & Malting Company, based in Honolulu, Hawaii *Primo Filmes, a Brazilian film production company *Primo Schincariol, a South American brewery and beverage maker based in Brazil *Primo smallgoods, a Sydney-based company, the largest producer of ham, bacon and small goods in the Southern Hemisphere *PRIMOS, an operating system developed during the 1970s by Prime Computer *DUPLO Primo and Lego Primo, now known as Lego Baby, a line of Lego blocks for small children *Plaxton Primo, a type of small bus produced by Plaxton *Primo Lenses, a lenses brand-line manufactured by Panavision Inc


*Primo TV, an English-language children's television channel aimed at the 6- to 16-year-old Latino market in the United States *Primo visto, a 16th-century card game *Primos (SEPTA station), a station along the SEPTA West Chester Line in Pennsylvania *''Primo Longobordo'' (S-501), an Italian submarine that may once have been the USS Volador (SS-490), USS ''Volador'' *A skateboard trick which involves standing on the skateboard while on its side *Primo, Italian first course *Slang term for a marijuana cigarette laced with cocaine

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