Palm most commonly refers to: * Palm of the hand, the central region of the front of the hand and a subdivision of the cubit * Palm trees, of family Arecaceae **List of Arecaceae genera * Several other plants known as Palm Palm or Palms may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment

* Palm (band), an American rock band * Palms (band), an American rock band featuring members of Deftones and Isis ** Palms (Palms album), their 2013 album * Palms (Thrice album), a 2018 album by American rock band Thrice

Businesses and organizations

* Palm, Inc., defunct American electronics manufacturer * Palm Breweries, a Belgian company * Palm Pictures, an American entertainment company * Palm Records, a French jazz record label * Palms Casino Resort, a hotel and casino in Las Vegas, U.S. * The Palm (restaurant), New York City, U.S.


United States

* Midway, Lafayette County, Arkansas, also known as Palm * Palm, Pennsylvania * Palms, Los Angeles ** Palms station * Palms, Minden Township, Michigan


* Palms, Walkerston, Queensland, Australia * Palm Islands, three artificial islands on the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Science and technology

* Palm (PDA), a personal digital assistant ** Palm OS, a discontinued operating system * Photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM) * PALM gene in humans

Other uses

* Palm (surname), a name (including a list of people with the name) * Palm (unit), an obsolete unit of length, originally based on the width of the human palm * Palm branch, a symbol of victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life * Palm, an enhancement to the ''Croix de Guerre'' award * Palm, ISO 15924 code for Palmyrene script

See also

* Palm wine (disambiguation) * The Palms (disambiguation) * Palme (disambiguation) * Palma (disambiguation) * Palmer (disambiguation) * Palming, a sleight-of-hand technique * Palmistry, foretelling of the future through the study of the palm * Sago, a starch extracted from the pith of various tropical palm stems * Palm Beach, Florida * Palm Springs, California * Palm Sunday * Facepalm {{disambiguation|geo