Nodeclipse is a set of third-party developer solutions for Eclipse for programming in JavaScript, CoffeeScript with focus on Node.js. Nodeclipse also refers to the team that makes this software as free open-source on GitHub. Nodeclipse Eclipse plug-in (Nodeclipse-1 on GitHub) is core that other solutions are based on. It is available via update site or Eclipse Marketplace. Other solutions are "Eclipse Node.js IDE" (Enide), set of plugins and "Node Tool Suite" (NTS), an integrated development environment (IDE).


Nodeclipse was originally created by Chinese software developer LambGao 金氧. Project has contributors from 4 countries, while the original author has not participated for several months. In April 2013 the Nodeclipse-1 plugin got 1072 installs through Marketplace clients alone. In 2019 after 3rd disruption for need to pay to domain registrar, the main site (and Eclipse update site aka p2 repository) was moved to https://nodeclipse.github.io


Features set varies based on solution. Below there are some basic features available: * Code completion * Debugger * CoffeeScript support Nodeclipse NTS & Enide Studio features * Editor with code completion * Debugger * Generating Express project * JSHint integration * Passing arguments to Node application and Node.js * Open Explorer or command line for current project * Markdown editor

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