NXT may refer to:

Professional wrestling

* '' WWE NXT'', a professional wrestling television program produced by WWE that began in 2010 ** NXT (WWE brand), WWE's Florida-based brand and former developmental territory. * '' NXT UK'', the British spin-off of ''NXT'' featuring the namesake brand. ** NXT UK (WWE brand) WWE's United Kingdom-based brand.


* Nxt, a cryptocurrency started in November 2013 * NextDC (ASX ticker ''NXT''), Australian data centre operator *
Centre Alliance Centre Alliance, formerly known as the Nick Xenophon Team (NXT), is a centrist Centrism is a political outlook or position that involves acceptance and/or support of a balance of social equality and a degree of social hierarchy, while opp ...
, an Australian political party formerly known as the Nick Xenophon Team that traded under the NXT brand * Lego Mindstorms NXT, a kit for building robots with Lego bricks created in 2006 * NXT record, an obsolete DNS resource record type; see List of DNS record types#NXT * Sharp Nemesis NXT, a kit-built racing aircraft {{disambig