300px, Municipalities of Brazil by state The municipalities of Brazil ( pt, municípios do Brasil) are
administrative division Administrative division, administrative unitArticle 3(1). , country subdivision, administrative region, subnational entity, first-level subdivision, as well as many similar terms, are generic names for geographical areas into which a particular, ...

administrative division
s of the
Brazilian states The federative units of Brazil ( pt, unidades federativas do Brasil) are subnational entities with a certain degree of autonomy (self-government, self-regulation and self-collection) and endowed with their own government and constitution, which to ...
Brazil Brazil ( pt, Brasil; ), officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: ), is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. At 8.5 million square kilometers (3.2 million square miles) and with over 211 millio ...
currently has 5,570 municipalities, which, given the 2019 population estimate of 210,147,125, makes an average municipality population of 37,728 inhabitants. The average state in Brazil has 214 municipalities.
Roraima Roraima (Pemon: ''roro imã'', "parrot mountain" i.e. "Green Peak", ) is the northernmost and least populated state of Brazil, located in the Amazon region. It borders the states of Amazonas and Pará and the countries of Venezuela and Guyana. T ...
is the least subdivided state, with 15 municipalities, while
Minas Gerais Minas Gerais () is a state in Southeastern Brazil. It ranks as the second most populous, the third by gross domestic product (GDP), and the fourth largest by area in the country. The state's capital and largest city, Belo Horizonte, is a major u ...
is the most subdivided state, with 853. The
Federal District A federal district is a type of administrative division of a federation, usually under the direct control of a federal government and organized sometimes with a single municipal body. Federal districts often include capital districts, and they exi ...
cannot be divided into
municipalities A municipality is usually a single administrative division having corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction as granted by national and regional laws to which it is subordinate. The term ''municipality'' may also mean the ...
, which is why its territory is composed of several
administrative regions Administration may refer to: Management of organizations * Management, the act of directing people towards accomplishing a goal ** Administration (government), management in or of government *** Administrative division ** Academic administration ...
. These regions are directly managed by the government of the Federal District, which exercises constitutional and legal powers that are equivalent to those of the
states State may refer to: Arts, entertainment, and media Literature * ''State Magazine'', a monthly magazine published by the U.S. Department of State * ''The State'' (newspaper), a daily newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina, United States * ''Our Sta ...
, as well as those of the
municipalities A municipality is usually a single administrative division having corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction as granted by national and regional laws to which it is subordinate. The term ''municipality'' may also mean the ...
, thus simultaneously assuming all the obligations arising from them. The 1988 Brazilian Constitution treats the municipalities as parts of the Federation and not simply dependent subdivisions of the states. Each municipality has an autonomous local government, comprising a mayor (''prefeito'') and a legislative body called municipal chamber (''
câmara municipal 250px, Building of the ''Câmara Municipal'' of Lisbon. A ''câmara municipal'' (, meaning literally municipal chamber and often referred to simply as ''câmara'') is a type of municipal governing body, existing in several countries of the Commu ...
''). Both the local government and the legislative body are directly elected by the population every four years. These elections take place at the same time all over the country; the last
municipal elections In many parts of the world, local elections take place to select office-holders in local government, such as mayors and councillors. Elections to positions within a city or town are often known as "municipal elections". Their form and conduct vary ...
were held on November 15, 2020. Each municipality has the constitutional power to approve its own laws, as well as collecting taxes and receiving funds from the state and federal governments. However, municipal governments have no judicial power
per se Per se may refer to: * ''per se'', a Latin phrase meaning "by itself" or "in itself". *Illegal ''per se'', the legal usage in criminal and antitrust law *Negligence ''per se'', legal use in tort law *Per Se (restaurant), a New York City restaurant * ...
, and courts are only organised at the state or federal level. A subdivision of the state judiciary, or ''
comarca A ''comarca'' (, or ) is a traditional region or local administrative division found in Portugal, Spain and some of their former colonies, like Panama, Nicaragua, and Brazil. The term is derived from the term ''marca'', meaning a "march, mark", pl ...
'', can either correspond to an individual municipality or encompass several municipalities. The seat of the municipal administration is a nominated city (''cidade''), with no specification in the law about the minimum population, area or facilities. The city always has the same name as the municipality, as they are not treated as distinct entities. Municipalities can be subdivided, only for administrative purposes, into districts (normally, new municipalities are formed from these districts). Other populated sites are villages, but with no legal effect or regulation. Almost all municipalities are subdivided into neighbourhoods (''
bairro A ''bairro'' () is a Portuguese word for a quarter or a neighborhood or, sometimes, a district which is within a city or town. It is commonly used in Brazil, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Portugal, and other Portuguese-speaking places. ''Bairro'' is ...
s''), although most municipalities do not officially define their neighbourhood limits (usually small cities in the
countryside A rural landscape in Lappeenranta, South Karelia, Finland. 15 July 2000.">South_Karelia.html" style="text-decoration: none;"class="mw-redirect" title="Lappeenranta, South Karelia">Lappeenranta, South Karelia, Finland. 15 July 2000. In gen ...
). Municipalities can be split or merged to form new municipalities within the borders of the state, if the population of the involved municipalities expresses a desire to do so in a
plebiscite A referendum (plural: referendums or less commonly referenda) is a direct and universal vote in which an entire electorate is invited to vote on a particular proposal and can have nationwide or local forms. This may result in the adoption of a new ...
. However, these must abide by the
Brazilian Constitution The Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil ( pt, Constituição da República Federativa do Brasil) is the supreme law of Brazil. It is the foundation and source of the legal authority underlying the existence of Brazil and the federal ...
, and forming
exclaves An enclave is a territory (or a part of one) that is entirely surrounded by the territory of one other state. Enclaves may also exist within territorial waters. ''Enclave'' is sometimes used improperly to denote a territory that is only partly s ...
or seceding from the state or union is expressly forbidden. __NOTOC__


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