, officially the ( Maguindanaon: ''Ingud nu Mamasapano'';
Iranun The Iranun are a Moro ethnic group native to Mindanao, Philippines, and the west coast of Sabah, Malaysia (in which they are found in 25 villages around the Kota Belud and Lahad Datu districts; also in Kudat and Likas, Kota Kinabalu). Origins T ...
: ''Inged a Mamasapano''; tl, Bayan ng Mamasapano), is a in the
province A province is almost always an administrative division within a country or state. The term derives from the ancient Roman ''provincia'', which was the major territorial and administrative unit of the Roman Empire's territorial possessions outside ...
of , . According to the , it has a population of people.



Mamasapano is politically subdivided into 15
barangay A barangay (; abbreviated as Brgy. or Bgy.), sometimes referred to by its archaic name barrio (abbreviated as Bo.), is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village, district, or ward. In m ...

s. * Bagumbong * Dabenayan * Daladap * Dasikil * Liab * Libutan * Lusay * Mamasapano * Manongkaling * Matias * Pidsandawan * Pimbalakan * Sapakan * Tuka * Tukanalipao



This municipality before was only a mere barangay of the town of
Shariff Aguak , officially the (Maguindanaoan: ''Kuta Shariff Aguak''), is a in the province of , . According to the , it has a population of people. It is formerly known as Maganoy. Despite only being the ''de jure'' (by law) seat of Maguindanao's provin ...
. However, by virtue of ''Republic Acts No. 6646''/''7160'' and ''Muslim Mindanao Autonomy Act No. 54'' dated April 27, 1997 issued on December 2, 1998, COMELEC Resolution No. 3051/3052 and Plebiscite conducted on October 31, 1998, the Municipality of Mamasapano then became the 11th municipality in the 2nd District of Maguindanao. The newly created municipality has eighteen (18) barangays taken from its mother Municipality of Shariff Aguak. On July 30, 2009, upon the ratification of Muslim Mindanao Autonomy Act No. 225 (as amended by MMAA 252), the municipality of Shariff Saydona Mustapha was created from 4 barangays and a portion of one barangay (Libutan East) from Mamasapano, in addition to other barangays from Datu Piang, Datu Unsay, Datu Saudi-Ampatuan and
Shariff Aguak , officially the (Maguindanaoan: ''Kuta Shariff Aguak''), is a in the province of , . According to the , it has a population of people. It is formerly known as Maganoy. Despite only being the ''de jure'' (by law) seat of Maguindanao's provin ...

Mamasapano clash

On Sunday 25 January 2015, the area around Mamasapano was the site of a sharp clash between Philippines government armed forces and local rebel groups. In the fighting, 44 members of the Philippine National Police elite Special Action Force (SAF) were killed. The
Moro Islamic Liberation Front The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF; ar, ''Jabhat Taḥrīr Moro al-ʾIslāmiyyah'') is a group based in Mindanao, Philippines seeking an autonomous region of the Moro people from the central government. The group has a presence in the Ba ...
(MILF) led by Necesio Jamisola Jr., later reported that 18 people had died on the rebel side. Some local civilians were also killed during the incident. The unexpected clash, and the deaths of 44 SAF police as well as the wounding of 12 others, triggered bitter recriminations amongst leaders at the national level and threatened to derail on-going reconciliation negotiations between the Philippines Government and various rebel groups in Mindanao. It was reported that members of both the MILF as well as the
Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters The Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), also known as the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Movement, is an Islamist militant organization based in Mindanao, the Philippines. It is a smaller player in the overall Moro insurgency in the Philippin ...
(BIFF) were involved in the action on the rebel side. In response to the clash and deaths of national police, President Aquino called for the peace talks with MILF to nevertheless continue but also demanded that MILF forces assist in identifying the persons responsible for killing the police and, in other ways, demonstrate sincerity in supporting the peace efforts. Subsequently, it was reported that both the Philippines government and local MILF representatives were working to try to restore life to normal in the Mamasapano area. Representatives of the Philippines government visited the area in early February to deliver assistance to families who had lost relatives during the fighting. Representatives of the MILF also issued assurances that on-going efforts to establish peace in the region would not be disrupted by the clash. Nevertheless, in the following weeks local fighting continued between government forces and the BIFF rebel group. In early March government forces were reported to have captured a BIFF camp where bombs and weapons were being manufactured.Jaime Laude and John Unson,
Troops overrun BIFF bomb-making facility in Mamasapano'
''The Philippine Star'', 3 March 3015.




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