This is a list of the fifty most populous metropolitan areas in the Americas as of 2015, the most recent year for which official census results, estimates or projections are available for every major metropolitan area in the Americas. Where available, it uses official definitions of metropolitan areas based on the concept of a single urban core and its immediate surroundings, as opposed to polycentric conurbations. Figures refer to mid-2015 populations except in the case of Mexican metropolitan areas, whose figures derive from the 2015 Intercensal Survey conducted by INEGI with a reference date of 15 March 2015.



metropolitan areas in the Americas"> File:Saopaulo_copan.jpg|São Paulo File:Ciudad.de.Mexico.City.Distrito.Federal.DF.Paseo.Reforma.Skyline.jpg|Mexico City File:Top of Rock Cropped.jpg|New York File:Microcentro, Buenos Aires (40774240522).jpg|Buenos Aires File:LA Skyline Mountains2.jpg|Los Angeles File:Vista aérea Centro do Rio de Janeiro RJ.jpg|Rio de Janeiro File:Miraflores-Lima.jpg|Lima File:ChicagovanafSearsTower.jpg|Chicago File:Centro internacional.JPG|Bogotá File:Xvisionx Dallas Stemmons.jpg|Dallas File:Santiago en invierno.jpg|Santiago File:Panoramic Houston skyline.jpg|Houston File:Toronto at Dusk -a.jpg|Toronto File:US Capitol Building at night Jan 2006.jpg|Washington File:Philadelphia from South Street Bridge July 2016 panorama 1.jpg|Philadelphia File:Night Panorama Miami Florida 5462.jpg|Miami File:Belo Horizonte, Brasil horizon view.jpg|Belo Horizonte File:Downtown atlanta night.jpg|Atlanta File:ParqueCentralCaracas.jpg|Caracas File:Skyline Guadalajara.jpg|Guadalajara File:Boston Financial District skyline.jpg|Boston File:SF From Marin Highlands3.jpg|San Francisco File:Phoenix skyline.jpg|Phoenix File:Riverside 06Skyline.JPG|Riverside File:DelValleCity.jpg|Monterrey File:DetroitSkyline.jpg|Detroit File:Cais Mauá Porto Alegre 2.jpg|Porto Alegre File:Congresso Nacional.jpg|Brasilia File:Sainte Catherine vue Montreal Saint-Laurent 1.jpg|Montreal File:Fortaleza, Brazil (4).jpg|Fortaleza File:Skyline of Salvador, Brazil.jpg|Salvador File:Recife - Início da Avenida Boa Viagem.jpg|Recife File:Panoramica de Medellin-Colombia.jpg|Medellin File:Space Needle002.jpg|Seattle File:SantoDomingoedit.JPG|Santo Domingo File:Minneapolis skyline 51.JPG|Minneapolis–Saint Paul File:Curitiba From Barigui Park.jpg|Curitiba File:Panorama de San Diego.jpg|San Diego File:Campinas - SP - Brasil.JPG|Campinas File:Downtowntampa08.jpg|Tampa–St. Petersburg File:Guayaquil from the cerro San Ana.jpg|Guayaquil File:Catedral de Puebla en paisaje..jpg|Puebla–Tlaxcala File:Cali centro nocturno.jpg|Cali File:DenverCP.JPG|Denver File:St Louis night expblend.jpg|St. Louis File:Baltimoreharborview.jpg|Baltimore File:Guatemala City (663).jpg|Guatemala City File:Asunción Paraguay.jpg|Asunción File:Quitopanoramica.jpg|Quito File:Port au prince-haiti.JPG|Port-au-Prince



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