Gustavo is a Spanish, Italian and Portuguese male given name. It has been a common name for Swedish monarchs since the reign of Gustav Vasa. It is derived from Gustav /ˈɡʊstɑːv/, also spelled Gustaf, of Old Swedish origin, possibly meaning "staff of the Geats", derived from the Old Norse elements Gautr ("Geat") and stafr ("staff"). Another etymology speculates that the name may have a Slavic origin, through Swedish, from "Gostislav", a compound word from Old Slavic "Gost'" ("guest") and "slava" ("glory"). It may refer to:


Drama, film and television

* Gustavo Alatriste, Mexican actor, director, and producer of films married to Silvia Pinal * Gustavo Aguerre (born 1953), Argentine artist, curator, writer, and theatre designer * Gustavo Fring, a fictional character in the American television drama series ''Breaking Bad'' on AMC * Gustavo Rocque, a fictional character on the show ''Big Time Rush'' * Gustavo Sorola, Actor, podcast host, and co-founder of the American media and entertainment company, Rooster Teeth.

Engineering, religion and science

* Gustavo Colonnetti (1886–1968), Italian mathematician and engineer * Gustavo Gutiérrez Merino (born 1928), Peruvian theologian and Dominican priest regarded as the founder of Liberation Theology at the University of Notre Dame * Gustavo Tamayo, Colombian ophthalmologist * Gustavo Marín, Chilean-French economist and sociologist * Gustavo Scuseria (born 1956), Robert A. Welch Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Physics & Astronomy and Professor of Materials Science & NanoEngineering at Rice University


* Gustavo Angel (born 1968), Mexican singer of Los Temerarios * Gustavo Assis-Brasil, Brazilian jazz guitarist * Gustavo Gonzalez, also known as Big Duke of American hip hop group Psycho Realm * Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt (born 1925), Chilean composer * Gustavo Cerati (1959-2014), Argentine artist and songwriter * Gustavo Cordera (born 1964), Argentine rock musician * Gustavo Dudamel (born 1981), Venezuelan conductor * Gustavo Lapis Ahumad, founding member of goth rock band Bitter Grace * Gustavo Ramírez Reyes, Mexican musician and composer * Gustavo Santander, Colombian composer * Gustavo Santaolalla (born 1952), Academy Award-winning Argentine musician, producer, and composer * Gustavo (born 1978), stage name for Latvian rapper and producer Gustavs Butelis

Military and politics

* Gustavo A. Madero (1875–1913), participant in the Mexican Revolution * Gustavo Adolfo Espina Salguero (born c.1946), former vice-president of Guatemala * Gustavo Arcos Bergnes (1926–2006), Cuban revolutionary alongside Fidel Castro * Gustavo Díaz Ordaz Bolaños Cacho (1911–1979), former President of Mexico * Gustavo Espinoza, Peruvian politician and Congressman * Gustavo Esteva, Mexican activist who founded the Universidad de la Tierra in Oaxaca, Mexico * Gustavo Jiménez (c.1886–1933), Peruvian Colonel who served as President of Peru for six days * Gustavo Leigh Guzmán (1920–1999), representative of the Air Force in the Government Junta that ruled Chile * Gustavo Noboa Bejarano (born 1937), politician and former President of Ecuador * Gustavo Petricioli (born 1928), Mexican economist and ambassador to the United States * Gustavo Rojas Pinilla (1900–1975), former military dictator and Colombian political figure * Gustavo Vázquez Montes (1962–2005), Mexican politician of the PRI, governor of Colima * , a Spanish politician and diplomat


* Gustavo Adrián López (born 1973), Argentine footballer * Gustavo Andrés Oberman (born 1985), Argentine footballer * Gustavo Ayón, Mexican basketball player * Gustavo Badell (born 1972), Venezuelan IFBB professional bodybuilder * Gustavo Barros Schelotto, footballer of the USL * Gustavo Benítez (born 1953), Paraguayan football defender and manager * Gustavo Boccoli (born 1978), Brazilian footballer * Gustavo Borges (born 1972), Brazilian swimmer * Gustavo Brand (born 1961), Venezuelan football referee * Gustavo Cabrera (born 1979), Guatemalan footballer * Gustavo Chacín (born 1980), left-handed starting pitcher in Major League Baseball * Gustavo Santos Costa (born 1996), Brazilian footballer for Hồ Chí Minh City F.C. * Gustavo Dezotti, Argentine football striker * Gustavo Endres, Brazilian volleyball player * Gustavo Enrique García (born 1980), Mexican footballer * Gustavo Kuerten (born 1976), Brazilian tennis player * Gustavo Manduca (born 1980), Brazilian footballer * Gustavo Méndez (born 1971), Uruguayan footballer * Gustavo Méndez (referee) (born 1967), Uruguayan football (soccer) referee * Gustavo Morínigo (born 1977), Paraguayan football midfielder * Gustavo Munúa (born 1978), Uruguayan football goalkeeper * Gustavo Nascimento da Costa (born 1995), Brazilian footballer * Gustavo Nery (born 1977), Brazilian footballer * Gustavo Oliveros (born 1946), Cuban fencer * Gustavo Lobo Paradeda (born 1979), Brazilian-born Russian futsal player * Gustavo Poyet (born 1967), Uruguayan footballer * Gustavo Pereira (born 1997), Brazilian footballer for Retrô * Gustavo Quinteros Desabato (born 1965), Bolivian football coach and former defender * Gustavo Salgueiro de Almeida Correia (born 1985), Brazilian footballer * Gustavo Sant'Ana Santos (born 1995), Brazilian footballer for Sài Gòn * Gustavo Claudio da Silva (born 1988), Brazilian footballer for Nakhon Si United * Gustavo Valderrama (born 1977), Venezuelan volleyball player * Gustavo Varela (born 1978), Uruguayan footballer * Luis Gustavo Dias (born 1987), Brazilian footballer * Arthur Gustavo Malzahn III (born 1965), American Football coach


* Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (1836–1870), Spanish writer of poetry and short stories * Gustavo Adolfo Martínez Zuviría (1883–1962), novelist and scriptwriter from Argentina * Gustavo Perez Firmat, writer, poet, professor * Gustavo Gorriti, Peruvian journalist * Gustavo Sainz (born 1940), Spanish language author from Mexico


* Carlos Gustavo dos Anjos, São Toméan diplomat and Foreign Minister * Gustavo C. Garcia (1915–1964), American civil rights attorney and advocate * Gustavo Charif (born 1966), Argentine artist * Gustavo Cisneros (born 1946), Venezuelan-born media mogul * Gustavo Franco, former President of the Brazilian Central Bank Bank * Gustavo Gianetti (born 1979), Mister World in 2003 * Gustavo Martínez Zuviría, de facto Federal Interventor of Córdoba, Argentina * Gustavo Rol (1903–1994), Italian sensitive * Gustavo R. Vincenti (1888–1974), Maltese architect and developer


* Gustavo A. Madero, D.F. * Lic. Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport, at Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco * Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport, on San Andres Island, Colombia {{given name Category:Masculine given names Category:Italian masculine given names Category:Spanish masculine given names Category:Portuguese masculine given names es:Gustavo pt:Gustavo