Gustav, also spelled Gustaf (, ), is a male given name of likely Old Swedish origin, used mainly in
Scandinavia Scandinavia, Sami languages, Sami: ''Skadesi-suolu''/''Skađsuâl'' ( ) is a Subregion#Europe, subregion in Northern Europe, with strong historical, cultural, and linguistic ties. In English usage, ''Scandinavia'' can refer to Denmark, Norw ...

n countries, German-speaking countries, and the
Low Countries The term Low Countries, also known as the Low Lands ( nl, de Lage Landen, french: les Pays-Bas) and historically called the Netherlands ( nl, de Nederlanden), Flanders, or Belgica, refers to a coastal lowland region in northwestern Europe formin ...
, possibly meaning "staff of the
Geats The Geats ( ; ang, gēatas ; non, gautar ; sv, götar ), sometimes called ''Geats#Goths, Goths'', were a North Germanic peoples, North Germanic tribe who inhabited ("land of the Geats") in modern southern Sweden during the Middle Ages. They are ...
or Goths or gods", possibly derived from the
Old Norse Old Norse, Old Nordic, or Old Scandinavian was a North Germanic languages, North Germanic language that was spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia and their Viking expansion, overseas settlements from about the 7th to the 15th centuries. The P ...
elements ("Geats"), / ("Goths") or ("gods"), and ("staff"). Another etymology speculates that the name may be of Medieval Slavic origin, from the name ''Gostislav'', a compound word for "glorious guest", from the Medieval Slavic words ("guest") and ("glory") and was adopted by migrating groups north and west into
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Scandinavia Scandinavia, Sami languages, Sami: ''Skadesi-suolu''/''Skađsuâl'' ( ) is a Subregion#Europe, subregion in Northern Europe, with strong historical, cultural, and linguistic ties. In English usage, ''Scandinavia'' can refer to Denmark, Norw ...

. This name has been borne by eight Kings of Sweden, including the 16th-century
Gustav Vasa Gustav I, born Gustav Eriksson of the Vasa noble family and later known as Gustav Vasa (12 May 1496 – 29 September 1560), was King of Sweden The monarchy of Sweden concerns the monarchical head of state of Sweden,See the #IOG, Instrument ...
and the current king,
Carl XVI Gustaf
Carl XVI Gustaf
. It is a common name for Swedish monarchs since the reign of Gustav Vasa. The name has entered other languages as well. In French it is ; in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish it is '' Gustavo''. The Latinised form is ''Gustavus (disambiguation), Gustavus''. A side form of the name in Swedish is ''Gösta''. The name in Finnish language, Finnish is , while in Icelandic language, Icelandic it is written or .


*Gustav I, king of Sweden whose reign marked the end of the Kalmar Union and the beginning of Swedish independence; founder of the Vasa dynasty *Gustav II Adolf, king of Sweden, praised military leader during the Thirty Year War, sometimes referred to as the "Father of modern warfare" or "The Lion of the North" *Gustav III of Sweden, Gustav III, who highly influenced the arts of Sweden during the Neo-Classical era and who temporarily reinstated absolute monarchy *Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden *Gustaf V of Sweden, Gustaf V *Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden, Gustaf VI Adolf *Karl X Gustav, King of Sweden *
Carl XVI Gustaf
Carl XVI Gustaf
, current king of Sweden *Gustav Åbergsson, Swedish stage actor *Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Spanish poet *Gustavo Charif, writer, visual artist and film director *Gustav Adolf Barthel, German painter *Gustav Bauerfeind (1848–1904), German painter famous for his Orientalism, Orientalist paintings *Gustav Bertha, Scottish singer-songwriter *Gustave Biéler, Swiss-born Canadians, Canadian Special Operations Executive agent during World War II *Gustavo Cerati, Argentinian Singer *Gustave Colin (1814–1880), French politician. *Gustave-Henri Colin (1828–1910), French painter. *Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis, scientist for whom the Coriolis effect is named *Gustaf Dalén, Swedish inventor and Nobel Prize laureate *Gustave Doré, French people, French artist, engraver, and illustrator *Gustave Eiffel, French engineer, designer of the Eiffel Tower *Gustav Fechner (1801–1887), German philosopher, physicist, and scientist *Gustav A. Fischer, German explorer *Gustave Flaubert, French writer best known for ''Madame Bovary'' *Gustave Moreau, French painter *Gustaf Fröding, Swedish author and poet *Gustav Fröhlich, German actor *Gustaf Gründgens, German actor *Gustav Hamel, pioneer aviator *Gustav A. Hedlund, US-American mathematician *Gustav Heinse (real name Josef Klein), Bulgarian poet of Austrian origin *Gustav A. Hemwall, US-American physician and pioneer in Prolotherapy *Gustav Henriksen, Norwegian businessman *Gustav Ludwig Hertz, German physicist and Nobel Prize laureate *Gustav Heynhold (1800–1860), German botanist *Gustav Holst, British composer *Gustáv Husák, List of Presidents of Czechoslovakia, President of Czechoslovakia *Gustav Karoly Igler (1842–1908), German painter *Gustav Jäger (naturalist) (1832–1917), German naturalist and doctor *Gustav Jaeger (painter) (1808–1871), German painter *Gustav Jäger (physicist) (1865–1938), Austrian physicist and lecturer *Gustav Jäger (writer) (1815–1875), Austrian alpinist and writer *Carl Jung, Carl Gustav Jung, psychoanalyst and father of analytical psychology *Gustav Maria Jaeger (1835–1851), Austrian painter, engraver and lithographer *Gustaf Kalliokangas (1873–1940), Finnish president *Gustav Kirchhoff, German physicist who contributed to the fundamental understanding of electrical circuits, spectroscopy, and black-body radiation *Gustav Klimt, Austrian Symbolist Painting, painter of the Vienna Secession *Gustav Knittel, German Waffen-SS officer and convicted war criminal *Gustav Knuth, German actor *Gustav Landauer, German anarchist philosopher *Gustaf de Laval, Swedish engineer, inventor and entrepreneur *Gustave Le Bon, French psychologist, sociologist, and physicist *Gustav Leonhardt, Dutch keyboard player, conductor, musicologist, teacher and editor *Heinrich Gustav Magnus, German chemist and physicist *Gustav Mahler, Austrian composer and conductor *Gustav Meyrink, Austrian author, novelist, dramatist, translator, and banker *Gustaf Munthe (1896–1962), Gustaf Munthe, Swedish writer, art historian and art teacher *Gustav Nezval, Czech actor *Gustav Nyquist, Professional hockey player *Gustav Otto, German aircraft and aircraft-engine designer and manufacturer *Gustav Rochlitz (1889–1972), German art dealer. *Gustav Schäfer (musician), Gustav Schäfer drummer of the German rock band Tokio Hotel *Gustav Schickedanz, German entrepreneur *Gustav A. Schneebeli, U.S. Representative from the state of Pennsylvania *Gustav Schröder, German sea captain *Gustav Schwarzenegger, Austrian police chief *Gustaf Skarsgård, Swedish actor *Gustav Spörer, German astronomer *Gustav Stickley, American Furniture Maker, famous for inventing the Mission-Style of Craftsman furniture *Gustav Sule, Estonian javelin thrower *Gustavus von Tempsky, Anglo-Prussian explorer and adventurer in New Zealand Wars *Gustav Vigeland, Norwegian sculptor *Gustaf Welin (1930–2008), Swedish Army lieutenant general *Gustave Whitehead, German-American aviator *Gustav Wood, Vocalist in British rock band Young Guns (band), Young Guns *Gustavs Zemgals, Latvian president (1927–1930) *Gustav Zeuner German physicist and engineer *Gustáv Husák Slovak politician, president of Czechoslovakia *Lil Peep, Gustav Elijah Åhr (known as ''Lil Peep''), American rapper and singer (1996-2017)

In fiction

*Gustav (Zoids), transportation mecha from the Zoids fictional universe *Gustav Graves, villain in the James Bond series

Other uses

* Gustave (crocodile), a large Nile crocodile in Burundi

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