Greenway Health, LLC is a privately-owned company currently based in Florida, founded in 2013 following Vista Equity Partners' acquisition of other, similar companies. It sells technological products to healthcare providers.


Greenway Medical Technologies

Greenway Medical Technologies, founded in 1999, was a similar company to Greenway today. Greenway Medical Technologies held an initial public offering on February 2, 2012, but was taken private again in November 2013 when Vista Equity Partners fully acquired Greenway Medical and combined it with two other companies, rebranding them as Greenway Health.

Ransomware Attack

In April 2017, approximately 400 users were unable to access patient records for about 3 weeks due to a ransomware attack on Greenway's systems. The company announced that the problem had been fixed on May 12, 2017

Office Closures

In October 2017, Greenway closed several regional office, laying off 120 employees. The closures were to move the headquarters to Tampa, Florida.

Department of Justice Settlement

On February 6, 2019, Greenway Health was ordered to pay $57.25 million in consequence to a complaint filed by the United States under the False Claims Act alleging that Greenway caused its users to submit false claims to the government by misrepresenting the capabilities of its EHR product “Prime Suite” and bribing users to induce them to recommend Prime Suite. The government alleged that Greenway concealed information when applying for a certification that would have disqualified it. The government also alleged that Greenway violated the Anti-Kickback Statute by paying money and incentives to its client providers to recommend Prime Suite to prospective new customers.


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