Forum Group is an Australian Managed services provider offering integrated B2B business solutions, including IT, print, enivornment, fleet and security for SMEs as well as multi-nationals. Founded in 2011, in St. Leonards, New South Wales, Forum has been on the BRW Fast Starters for consecutive years and its British subsidiary powerPerfector in the similar business lists. Forum has offices in all mainland Australian capital cities, and is the provider of TomTom in Oceania, being a AUD$100 million per year in revenue business. Forum has over 4500 customers including Metcash, Boston Scientific, Tower of London and Australian Rugby Union. Forum's Enviro services which include fuel and energy reduction, solar panels and waste compounders have been utilised by local councils and Adelaide Town Hall, malls, museums, Westminster Abbey, stadiums and hospitals in Australia as well as in Europe and East Asia too.

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