DC, D.C., Dc, or dc may refer to:

Arts and entertainment


* ''Da capo'', a musical term * DC Recordings, owned by Jonathan Saul Kane * Destiny's Child, an American R&B group * Drum Connection, a German pop group * DC Talk, a Christian rap and rock trio.

Video games

* ''Da Capo'' (visual novel) * ''Desert Combat'', a ''Battlefield 1942'' mod * Digital Chaos, a professional ''Dota 2'' eSports team * ''Dino Crisis'', a survival horror game series * Dreamcast, a video game console * Donut County, a video game by Ben Esposito

Other media

* ''D.C.'' (TV series) * DC Comics, an American comic book publisher * DC Inside, a South Korean internet forum * DC (''Succession''), an episode of television series ''Succession''

Businesses and products

* DC Recordings * DC Shoes, an American sports footwear company * Deloitte Consulting, a multinational management consulting firm * Dick Clark Productions * Diet Coke, a soft drink * Disney Channel * Doritos chips * Douglas Commercial, a series of aircraft by the Douglas Aircraft Company (and later McDonnell Douglas) * Delta Clipper, a proposed rocketship series by McDonnell Douglas * Dyson vacuum cleaners, which use product code prefix DC * Golden Air, an airline (IATA code DC) * Drawception, an online game where a person comes up with something to draw, someone else draws it, someone else interprets that drawing, then someone tries to draw that interpretation, and so on

Government, law, and military

* Christian Democracy (Italy), a political party * Christian Democracy (Brazil), a political party * Detective constable, a rank in the British and several other police forces * Development control in the United Kingdom, a land regulation process * District collector, an Indian Administrative Service officer in charge of revenue collection and administration of a district * District Commissioner, a rank in the British former Colonial Service * District Court * The District of Columbia, federal capital of the United States * Dossier criminal, in Indian policing


* DC author abbreviation of Swiss botanist Augustin Pyramus de Candolle (1778–1841) * Dalton Castle (wrestler) (born 1986) * Daniel Cormier (born 1979) Olympic wrestler and heavyweight mixed martial artist * David Coulthard (born 1971) British racing driver, known as DC * DC Drake (born 1957), American addictions counselor, and retired professional wrestler * D. C. Fontana (Dorothy Catherine Fontana) (1939–2019), American screenwriter known primarily for work on ''Star Trek'' * Donald L. Cox (1936–2011), American leader of the Black Panther Party, known as Field Marshal DC


* Washington, D.C., the capital, and the federal territory of the United States of America * Bogotá, Distrito Capital, the capital city of Colombia. * Dubai City, as distinct from the Emirate of Dubai


* DC, a dominical letter indicating a leap year starting on Thursday * Christian Doctrine Fathers, a Catholic organization * Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, a Society of Apostolic Life for women within the Catholic Church

Science, technology, and mathematics

Biology and medicine

* Dendritic cell, a type of immune cell


* dc (computer program), a desktop calculator * Data center, a physical location housing computing-related gear * Device Context, part of the Microsoft Windows API * DigiCipher, a digital encoding scheme * Direct Connect (file sharing) * Domain Component, an attribute in LDAP * Domain controller, a server used to manage a Windows domain * Dublin Core, a metadata standard * Dynamic contrast, an LCD technology


* dc (elliptic function), one of Jacobi's elliptic functions * Axiom of dependent choice, in set theory * 600 (number), in Roman numerals * 220 (number), in hexadecimal

Other uses in science and technology

* DC bias, a waveform's mean value * Decicoulomb (dC), a unit of electric charge * Dené–Caucasian languages, of east Asia and western North America * Direct current, electric current which flows in only one direction * New Zealand DC class locomotive


* Delaware County Christian School, in Newtown Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States * Dominican Convent High School, Harare, a Catholic high school for girls in Harare, Zimbabwe * Dominican Convent High School, Bulawayo, a Catholic high school for girls in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe * Dominican Convent Primary School, Bulawayo, a Catholic preparatory school for girls in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe * D'Youville College, a chiropractic school in Buffalo, New York

Other uses

* Defensive coordinator, a coaching position in American and Canadian football * Delhi Capitals, an Indian Premier League cricket franchise * Deccan Chargers, a former Indian Premier League cricket franchise * Director's cut, a version of a film edited by its director * Distribution center, a building housing goods to be distributed to retailers, wholesalers, or consumers * Doctor of Chiropractic, a qualification in alternative medicine * Dust collector, equipment in a woodworking shop * Driverless car

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