Universal Power Supply

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Ideal for any project or as a bench supply. Fully populated it will supply +5v, -5v, +15v, -15v, +24v, -24v, +Vbus and -Vbus.  Vbus depends on the voltage of the transformer you use.  Typically with a 48Vac center taped transformer, you will get an unloaded Vbus of about 33.6 VDC (+ & -).  The +-5 and +-15 volts are supplied with a typical 3 terminal voltage regulator and can be changed to meet the specific needs of the application.  Populate as much or little as you need.  There are also LED indicators to visually verify that power is present at each output.

Any positive and negative can be used to create another voltage, such as -5v and +15v to be used as a 20v power source. Or -15v and +15 for a 30v power supply.  Or -15v and +24v for 39v supply.  -24v, +24v will give you a 48V power source.

This power supply is suitable for the 150 Watt Amplifier found here and at Circuits Today.

Coming soon you will be able to purchase this circuit brd.

Circuit Diagram
Universal Power Supply Circuit

Pictured below is the Circuit Board Layout for the Universal Power Supply.  This PCB was designed so that you can use what ever size caps you might already have on hand.  You can change the particular voltage regulators to meet your needs and by changing the DZ1 and DZ2 zener diodes you can change the +-24VDC to a different voltage if it suits you needs better.  If you like, a correct size PDF is available here, but you will have to reverse the image as it is a top view of the bottom copper layer.

Circuit Board Layout for the Universal Power Supply

Universal Power Supply