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Topic=Challenge: Could I use I/O control with BCD port ?
Subject=Parallel Port Communications

   now I´m creating such aplication for data tranfer from lab measuremet
device to PC.
   The tester output is 25-polled socket but delivered cable has on the
second end 40-polled plug BCD ; of course we have got card with 40-polled
socket BCD on our old PC. Delivered SW is for DOS and I suppose it was
created in Pascal and communitation is run directly via BCD port.
   Now we would like to make completly new SW for Win32 (Win 2000 or Win XP)
and start it from Jan-2003.
I have good experience with I/O control by Mr. Payne as I have done similar
projects using COM port.
Could I use I/O control with BCD port? And is posible use LTP port instead
BCD one?
   Have somebody any idea or experience with that topic?
Jiri Kubu

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