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Name Customer Display
Subject Other Developement Environments.

Hi all,

try to send some information to a Customer Display Rs232c, but it makes not the right thing to the Display.
Here is my Code in Foxpro:

= THISFORM.IO1.SetbufferSize(100, 100)
= THISFORM.IO1.Open((Com1:), "baud=9600 parity=N data=8 stop=1") &&'Open a serial Port.
esc = Chr(27)+chr(121) && Clear the Display "doesnt work"
lcWrite1 = "Hello World" && "should be in the first line off the Display"
lcWrite2 = "Iam here" && "secondline"
lcWrite3 = "12.00am" &&next to lcWrite2
= ThisForm.IO1.WriteString((lcWrite1 + Chr(13) + Chr(10))
= ThisForm.IO1.WriteString((lcWrite2 + lcWrite3 + Chr(13) + Chr(10))
= ThisForm.IO1.Close()

Who can help me on this problem.
Best regards Lorenz

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