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I/O ActiveX Communications Module

This I/O ActiveX Communications Module allows easy reading and writing to and from devices on both parallel and serial ports under Windows 98/Me and NT4.0/2000/XP. Use it as a Win32 communications library.

Communications under Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT4.0/2000/XP with an easy, quick to learn interface. See example below. Also, you get a consistent core interface between serial, parallel, and TCP ports.

Version 2.xx adds TCP communications and Direct hardware access in NT based OSes.

New Communications Terminal with application source code.
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Free I/O ActiveX Communications Module Download, with Visual Basic examples.

I/O Demo Application.

I/O ActiveX Communications Module Highlights:

1) Consistent core interface between parallel, serial, and TCP ports.
2) Parallel and serial status functions in both Win98/Me and Win NT/2000/XP.
3) Status events fired when a change in status is detected.
4) Background I/O operation mode to allow slow operations to be done in an asynchronous manner.

I/O ActiveX Uses:

1) Communicating with scanners.
2) Communicating with scales.
3) Communication with other PCs.
4) Communicating with printers.
5) Communicating with display devices.
6) Communicating with hardware devices.
7) Communication with credit card readers.
8) Getting printer status.
9) Communicating with temperature measurement devices.
10) Communication with bar code readers.
11) Communicating with label printers.
12) Communicating with flow measurement devices.
13) Communication with check readers.
14) Communication with load cells.
15) Communicating with pressure measurement devices.

I/O ActiveX Control Instructions

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I/O Functions in Visual Basic Full Example:

Dim Result As Integer
Dim Str As String

Result = IO1.Open("LPT1:", "") 'Open a parallel Port.

Result = IO1.WriteString("Hello World" + Chr(13) + Chr(10))

Result = IO1.WriteString(Chr(5)) 'Device specific data request
Str = IO1.ReadString(30) 'Read result

Result = IO1.Close() 'Close the port now that we are done

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