Inserting the ActiveX control into your application.

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Typically you will have an option to "insert control", "custom control", "OLE control", “ActiveX Control” or "insert component".

You may have to select the control before it is available to you for insertion on your form. To do this, look for "I/O ActiveX Communications Module" and select the control.

Now you typically have the I/O control icon on your control palette. Select it and place it on your form.

Now you will have access to the I/O control, you can call the member functions and set the properties as meets your requirements.

In many environments, the control is named "IO1" and the functions and properties are accessed as per the following "IO1.Open("LPT1:", "")". Your environment may differ somewhat but the principles are the same. Look in the help for your programming environment for more information.

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