I/O ActiveX Control Instructions

I/O ActiveX Control in Power Builder

Sample code for EASY IO OCX in powerbuilder

// The following two lines of Powerbuilder code
// open the COM port 4 for communication.

integer result
result= this.object.Open("COM4:", "baud=9600 parity=N data=8 stop=1")

// 'this' is the name of the object where the ocx is embedded.
// 'object' specifies that the OCX is external and has its own
// functions.
// 'Open' is the OCX event.

// Other commands will work in a similar manner. If the key word object
is not used then PB takes it as an internal Open command and throws up

Note: Open can fail on NT4.0 if another device is setup to use the same port, that includes printer drivers. Remove any installed printer drivers from the port you are trying to Open if you are using NT.

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