I/O ActiveX Downloads
Fully functional demo download includes Visual Basic examples, source files, EXE’s, and necessary DLL’s to run the demo apps even if you don’t have Visual Basic.  It also includes an indexed html file documenting the interface.

Demo I/O OCX ActiveX control with Examples.

Html documentation The most current documentation is on this web page.
InsManual.doc Printable document.

The Update includes the most recent version of the I/O OCX. It is password protected. It may require you to re-insert the control onto the form you have it on and then do a re-compile of the application.  Password provided for evalution and home use.  Professional use requires payment.

Full Update I/O OCX to version 2.08 (Password required)(FREE EVALUATION PASSWORD "JS21764").
Run-time only install, with needed DLLs. version 2.08

Version 1.11 (Password required).

Version information

Using the purchased copy.

This is a Visual C++ example. It can be used as a starting point for an application that does parallel and/or serial communication.

Visual C++ Example Download.

New Communications Terminal with application source code.
Comm Term Download

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