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"I just spent about 30 minutes, and dropped a whole bunch of code from my
application. in most cases it went from 5-6 lines including some ugly retry
logic to just one simple call!  Your timer properties made it easy."

"Thankxx a bunch.  I am using the control in a MS Access application to get
around the brain-dead Microsoft bug in MSCOMM.VBX regarding license
requirements.  I have spent days trying to get around their flawed license
issuance policy bug.  They fixed it in Word and Excel, but not Access.   The
bug is in an Active X license which requires the need for the professional
edition of VB on a runtime machine."

"Drove me nuts trying to fix it.  Your software rulez!"

Fred K. Beckhusen
Micro Technology Services, Inc.
1819 Firman Drive Suite 137

"This has proven to be an efficient and easy to use control.  It
has been a great help in development on my current project."

"Great Product.....  We create Network attached robotic autoloader solutions and like to control our hardware directly.  The ease of use, good documentation and excellent support mean that IO.OCX was able to resolve several outstanding issues, including most of our direct call Unicode problems that Windows architecture created.

As a company that needs to interface with hardware constantly, we where also very excited to see the addition of in and out commands that worked under NT/2000/XP.... and were able to port many small utilities we use for development across to our current platforms in a matter of hours.

Good work Mate!"

Paul O'Connor
Technical Director
Data Storage Solutions

"Thanks again for all your hard work.  You control is very well thought
out and easy to use."

"I'm doing a migration of some 80's data from a BBC Microcomputer with
videodiscs and weird stuff. Had a terrible time trying to use Mscomm to do
the serial link (and I'm not a VC++ programmer at the best of times) until I
discovered your control. I have implemented half of it in a few hours using
the demo and am now buying the full product - fantastic."

Thank you ... for a great product which has made my project SO much easier than I expected!

I'm testing your I/O ActiveX control, and mostly liking it.  My app has to
talk to all sorts of things, and I think this is going to same me a lot of
time.  It took less than a day to rip out 500 lines of MS-related lunacy
and get serial support working in my app, and got parallel support for
practically no more effort.

Just thought I'd let you know that I have been using 2.07 for the past 5
months in several scientific instrument related apps. The TCPIP feature
saved the day. Great job!


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