I/O ActiveX Control for Binary Data

I/O OCX Control for Binary Data Transfers

There are three functions for binary data transfers.
1) WriteData(Data, Length); Writes a data buffer of Length characters.
2) ReadData(Length); Reads binary data and returns it in a string.
3) BytesRead(); Returns the number of bytes read by the ReadData() function.

Dim Result as Integer
Dim DataStr as String
Dim NumBytes as Integer

Result = IO1.WriteData("String1" + Chr(00) + "String2" + Chr(00) + "String3" + Chr(00) + Chr(00)) 'Sends 3 null terminated strings to the port, with the total data being double null terminated.

DataStr = IO1.ReadData(30) 'Reads data from a port.

NumBytes = IO1.BytesRead() 'returns number of bytes read.

See WriteData, ReadData, and BytesRead in I/O OCX Control Functions

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