I/O ActiveX Control Architecture


Connection is "Opened by Name"

This "Open by Name" allows this I/O OCX to be used with more than just COM or LPT ports. It can be used to open a connection to other devices. This includes some USB devices. You may need to prefix the device name with "\\.\" for devices other than standard serial or parallel ports.

The requirements for this to work are:
1) You must know the name of the device to pass to the Open function (Serial ports "COMx", Parallel ports "LPTx").
2) The driver must support the read and write (input and output) functions. (Serial and Parallel port drivers do support the read and write functions.

This control does work and has been tested with parallel and serial ports under Windows 95 and Windows NT4.0. To determine the usability of this control with other devices; download the demo verion and try it.

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