Automatic File Archiver

Current Version is 1.39


Ver. 1.00 inital version

Ver 1.01
Added Code to get archiver to top on tray icon click.
Added "Archive Empty" message to archive manager.
Exclude "RECYCLED" dirs.
Added Silent automatic archive option.

Ver 1.20
Added Added sizeable columns.
Added Fix for large fonts

Ver 1.21
Changed default sort directions.
New zips placed at top of zip list.
List file ext seperate.
Improved progress dlg

Ver 1.30
Added Icons in lists.

Ver 1.32
Added "remove from list" to right click on zip list.
Changed sort in menu, not a sub menu
Improved header buttons and column sizing

Ver 1.34
Added some drag file support.

Ver 1.35
Added Small Toolbar.
Added more self expanding archive options.
Added Minutes option for automatic archiving.
Added "new archive every time" option.

Ver 1.36
Added Exhaustive Search

Ver 1.37b
Added Fixed radio button in extract dialog.
Added Default to silent/learn mode.
Added Default FileTypes=.DOC;.DOT;.RTF;.TXT;.WRI;.XLS;
Added Removed "all network drives"
Added Fixed no extension file in list bug.

Ver 1.38
Fixed bad directory compare.

Ver 1.39
Fixed auto add recommended.
Removed "desktop" dir from exclusion dirs.
Added right click on file list and add to exclude types.

Ver 1.39a
Fixed "Make EXE" error on WinXP

Ver 1.39b
Fixed XP crash on corrupt .ini file

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