GM Alternator Mod

This is my first attempt at a low RPM alternator.  It was somewhat successful.

I started by gluing in "boot strap" magnets, these get the rotor field started.
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This shows the "boot strap" magnets.

I separated out each phase.  This is so I can rectify each phase via a voltage doubler.  Then I can put each in series.  This gives me a 6 X voltage multiplication.

This where I removed the voltage regulator and just brought out the contacts for the brushes.
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This is the assembled stator.

This is my rectifier circuit and voltage multiplier.
See Circuit Diagram below.

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This is my test bed.

And here we are making power.

Some details:

If I supplied 12 volts for the rotor field I get 36 volts at 700 RPM (no load), not too bad.

If I connect the field to the output of the alternator circuit, it "boot straps" at 700 RPM and starts making power.  Maybe larger magnets would get the alternator to "boot strap" at a lower RPM.

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